Bronze Sponsors

Keesing Technologies (1911) leads the way in identity verification. Our mission is to help organizations protect their business and customers against fraud by providing the best verification solutions. Solutions that build on our long-standing expertise and enable you to professionally verify IDs. Keesing owns the most comprehensive ID document database: Documentchecker. It provides information about IDs from over 200 countries. Our information is compiled by document experts and documents come directly from issuing agencies, so you can trust their accuracy. Documentchecker is at the core of all our identity verification solutions. Keesing serves 6,000+ organisations worldwide, including governments and financial institutions.

SecurID, an RSA business, empowers organizations to thrive in a digital world. The trusted identity platform for 13,000 organizations around the world, SecurID manages 50 million identities and provides secure, convenient access to 30 million users. It offers comprehensive capabilities to:

• Provide flexible access to data and applications on any platform
• Enable the workforce to work securely from anywhere, whether on managed or BYOD devices
• Deliver authentication and access in the cloud for both cloud-first and hybrid deployments
• Simplify lifecycle management and identity governance with a rich set of configurable tools
• Extend authentication seamlessly across workforce identity and consumer identity environments

In the cloud and on-premises, from the workplace to the marketplace, SecurID is the trusted identity platform that connects people with the digital resources they depend on everywhere they live, work and play.