1Kosmos & Guardian One Technologies

1Kosmos BlockID is a distributed digital identity platform supporting both business-to-employee and business-to-consumer services that easily integrates with existing operating systems, applications, and IT security infrastructure to perform strong, verified identity-based authentication – eliminating the need for passwords, one-time codes, and more. By simplifying identity infrastructure, 1Kosmos drives both cost savings and user convenience while securing businesses and individuals from the harm and inconvenience of identity fraud.
1Kosmos & verification process is fully W3C compliant. This means that the digital credentials must respond to a specific standard and format and go through a secure and vetted verification process, so they cannot be shared to commit fraud. Also, 1Kosmos has been approved by Kantara Initiative as a Full Service, conformant with NIST SP 800-63 rev.3 Class of Approval at IAL2 and AAL2. With these certifications, 1Kosmos can identify, acquire, and retain legitimate customers to weed out fraudsters with the least amount of friction. This helps make consumption of these services enjoyable for users. 1Kosmos BlockID uses biometrics and blockchain technology to create an indisputable identity for continuous authentication. We accomplish this through a combination of innovative techniques and technologies including:

  • Identity-Based Authentication Orchestration: We push biometrics and authentication into a new paradigm of “who you are”. That is, BlockID uses biometrics to identify individuals, not devices, through identity credential
    triangulation and validation.
  • Privacy by Design: 1Kosmos protects PII in a private blockchain and encrypts digital identities in secure enclaves only accessible through advanced biometric verification.

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