3rd Annual



Grosvenor House, Dubai

12th & 13th September 2023

Event overview

The global economy’s growth and viability heavily depend on digital identity, with biometric technology leading the way in digital security solutions. As the world becomes more connected, secure and reliable, digital identity has become crucial for online consumption, remote employment, and internet citizenship.
The 3rd Annual MENA BIOMETRICS Summit 2023 will address key challenges, such as the implementation and adoption of new biometric technology, safeguarding enterprises from e-crime and identity theft, biometrics’s role in a seamless digital era, and the regulatory challenges surrounding biometric adoption in the private sector.
This summit features an impressive agenda of panel discussions and keynotes from distinguished speakers, panelists, and moderators. Attendees will have the chance to learn from industry experts and thought leaders in biometrics, network with peers and stakeholders, and gain insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.
Join us to unlock the full potential of digital identity innovation, address the challenges of the biometrics industry, and shape the future of this dynamic field.
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Who will you meet?

Industries Covered


Retail & E-Commerce

Public Sector/Government Organizations


Law Enforcement/Policing




Why attend?

The 3rd Annual Biometrics MENA Summit 2023 is the premier event focusing on the key challenges facing governments and enterprises in the MENA region, such as the implementation and adoption of biometric technology for smart cities’ development, the increasing prevalence of digital frauds and identity theft, the role of biometrics in a seamless digital era, and the regulatory challenges in the private sector adoption and usage of biometrics.
Gain Knowledge and Insights from Top Industry Leaders and Experts from across the globe
Network with Industry Peers in a solution-oriented environment
Discuss Significant Partnerships and Collaborations with Industry leaders
Deep Dive into Insights derived from real-time case studies
Build Industry Ecosystem Collaboration to address latest challenges

Build Industry Ecosystem Collaboration to address latest challenges


Revolutionizing Digital Identity - Transforming Identity and Authority Digitally

Beyond Passwords - The Promise and Peril Of Biometric Authentication In a World Of Constant Change

Balancing Convenience and Security - The Future Of IAM In Banking & Finance Industry

Smart Borders - The Intersection Of IOT, Cloud and Authentication Technologies For Smarter, Safer Travel

Biometrics and Healthcare IT - Strengthening Data Security In The Age Of Digital Health

Multi-Cloud IAM – A Key Step In The Cloud Foundation For An Enterprise

The Role of AI In Law Enforcement - Balancing Public Safety And Civil Liberties

Wearable Technology - Navigating the Balance Between Convenience And Security

Cybersecurity Challenge - Why Your Digital Identity Needs Ironclad Protection

Biometrics impact on the creation of vaccine passports

From Authentication To Authorization - How Digital Identity Is Transforming Access Control In Public Utilities

Why Sponsor?

3rd Annual BIOMETRICS MENA SUMMIT 2023 is a unique platform for solution providers to engage with key decision makers such as CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, heads of digital transformation, heads of cyber security, heads of AML, and more from diverse industries such as BFSI, public sector, retail & e-commerce, telecom, healthcare, aviation, and more. The summit presents an opportunity for solution providers to differentiate their product and showcase their value proposition in a crowded marketplace. Here are some of the key reasons why sponsoring this summit is a smart move:

Maximize Your Exposure

As a sponsor, you will have access to a diverse audience of decision makers, providing an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships. You will have a dedicated platform to showcase your solutions and services, interact with key stakeholders and thought leaders, and generate leads.

Reach Your Target Market:

The summit will feature key decision-makers from different sectors and industries, providing an excellent opportunity to reach your target market. Sponsoring the event will allow you to position your company as a thought leader and expert in the industry.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With the growing demand for identity & authentication solutions, the market is becoming increasingly crowded. Sponsoring the summit provides a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and showcase your brand in front of a highly targeted audience.

Network & Generate Leads

Optimize your networking opportunities by getting right in front of key decision makers that are prequalified based on seniority, budget availability and motivation to learn about latest technologies

Brand Positioning

Establish, strengthen and re-position your brand in front of CIOs and CISOs who are looking to re-align and strengthen their digital identity and access management strategies

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